Hellen van Berkel

About Hellen

Since she graduated from the well-known Design Academy Eindhoven in 1989, Hellen van Berkel works as a textile designer. While working in various environments she built up a severe experience. She started as a designer of accessories for famous fashion brands and became ever more seized by the effect that the combination of patterns with texture can ignite. This provoked her to enhance the diversity of material, colour and dessin. Which resulted in the start of her own personal label; Heart Made Prints by Hellen van Berkel in 2013.

Heartmade prints collection

This collection, existing mainly out of scarfs, has its own authentic signature which is beautifully layered. At this point Heart Made Prints is being sold in over 85 selected stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland, but also overseas in Australia and Japan you can find Heart Made Prints-products.

Reason for the success of the Heart Made Prints-collection is undoubtedly the way it is being developed. Without caring too much about fashion-trends or commercial restrictions Hellen van Berkel dives into the making of limited editions of her scarfs, and in doing so creating her daring designs. The scarfs are almost art-pieces on their own. Which makes the owner look and feel like a million dollar.

Hellen van Berkel mixes a variety of techniques; on the one hand traditional ones like blockprinting and on the other contemporary digital ones. This unusual combination of factors leads to curiosity and amazement. Often Hellen eventually adds exquisite handmade embroidery. The source of this unique technique is in India, where these skills are passed down through generations.

Studio Hellen van Berkel

Thus the designs by Hellen van Berkel where noticed by a diversity of interior- and fashion-brands as well as by a number of museums. That’s why Studio Hellen van Berkel was initiated. Here advise is given about colour, material and collections and bespoke collections for several museums are being developed.

The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam for example, asked Studio Hellen van Berkel to design a series of products inspired by the Dutch turn-of-the-century painter Breitner. Other museums followed in their footsteps and nowadays Studio Hellen van Berkel has been asked frequently to design bespoke limited editions based on block-buster exhibitions or key pieces from the museum-collection.

But whether you encounter a Heart Made Prints-product or a product by Studio Hellen van Berkel you can never go around the layered and personal signature of Hellens designs. You evidently get caught by the richness of it, no longer being able to resist its look and feel.